At Fintastic Yachts & Fishing PV, we are a great team of crew members, administrators and logistics staff, professional and trained to help you create unforgettable experiences and memories, making you feel safe and confident on board our boats!

The entire Fintastic team has great personalities, ready to assist you and guide you in your event or outing, whether with family, friends or a romantic plan.

Our lives revolve around boats and the ocean, from dawn to dusk we sail in and out of the bay, our lives are boats, boats and boats and most importantly: prepare and make sure we are the number one choice in your election process.


The best fishing experience is when you can perfectly balance sport, excitement, relaxation, patience and knowledge to create lifelong memories by coming into direct contact with nature and local fauna.

The marine world is immense and wonderful, and the best thing is that every day it gives us a new event to experience on board, the sea always





For fishing charters that are 4 6 and 8 hours long we recommend 7:00am-7:30 am departure.

For fishing charters that are 10 and 12 hours long we recommend 5:00am-5:30am departure.

You can choose a later time if you would like, but often the most action happens between tide changes when the fish are most active and feeding.


For our yacht charters we can set the timing up with what works best for you.


For our snorkeling charters we can set the timing up with what works best for you.
Whale Watching
For our whale watching charters we can set the timing up with what works best for you.

All you’ll need to book is a deposit. The amount will depend on the charter of your choice that can be paid online.

If you’re in Puerto Vallarta and would like to pay in cash, we can meet you for that as well.

100% — Nope! We like to keep it simple around here. The prices you are given are the exact prices you’ll pay, to the penny.

You’ll find most operations in Puerto Vallarta do not immediately include the 16% IVA, service fees, bait charges, fishing licenses, and so on.

We’re big fans of simple: You pay what you’re told, you get what you’re sold.

Sportfishing Charters, you can learn more about here.

Yacht Charters, you can learn more about here.

Snorkeling charters.
Whale watching charters.

Absolutely. We have an ice chest for you, so if there’s a special brand or type of drink you have, bring it aboard.

We do include some drinks in every charter though, so double check to see what’s included in your charter.


Corona, Pacifico, Michelob


Bacardi, Matusalem 15 Years, Zacapa Centenario 23 Years.


Jose Cuervo, Don Julio Aged, Don Julio Clear, Don Julio 70.


Absolute Vodka,Smirnoff, Grey Goose.


Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker Red Label, Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Chivas Regal.


Tanqueray, Hendricks.

They are included and we’ll get them from the permit office for you. Every person aboard when a charter is going fishing needs a permit. We need the first/last name of everyone aboard for the permits.

Sightseeing tours, Snorkeling tours, Whale Watching tours don’t require any kind of permit at all. Our boats have the permit allready.

If the port closes for any reason or there are any major storms we will first try to work with you to reschedule. If that is not possible, we will refund 100% of your payment.

If it’s raining we still head out. The fish don’t mind the rain and think of all the other boats cancelling — you might even say due to lack of other boats out there, your odds increase on rainy days!

Our cancellation policy applies if:

Bad Weather: Applies only if the navigation is closed by the authorities.
Illness: We will require a medical proof by a hospital.

For safety and comfort, our boats or yachts never go out in conditions that would be unsafe. Every once in a while someone that is prone to motion sickness may experience it.

Our recommendation is that if you think that you may get a bit motion sick on a boat, take a Dramamine or Bonine about 1 hour before your charter and you’ll be set.

Motion sickness or seasickness is definitely not a pleasant experience, so we understand your pain.

However, the costs of operating a charter business are incredibly high, fuel is used, staff are paid, food is purchased and prepared, and the day was blocked off from anyone else being able to book it.

We do everything we can in our control to make sure each day is the most comfortable and fun experience possible, but what we’re unable to control are the sealegs of each person.

Our recommendation is to show up well-rested and avoid those extra few cocktails the night before. You will enjoy the experience so much more.

Of course we’d never tell you not to go have a good time the night before a charter. You’re on vacation in Puerto Vallarta! But when the idea to have, “Just a few more!” comes up the night before… Press pause, and think about your upcoming charter.

We are located in Marina Vallarta. You’ll meet us at Dock J or Dock K for your charter we will let you know in which dock.

We’re about a 30 second walk from there along the marina. If you have booked a charter with us, we also send out our dock location with your booking information.

Tipping is entirely personal. Most guests tip 15%-20% of the total charter rate.

The team works hard and will be there during your entire charter for anything you need, so we will let you be the judge of their hard work and you can tip accordingly.

Layer Up

Here in Puerto Vallarta it’s warm year-round, but having a light long sleeve layer you can take off and put on will help in a few scenarios:
Early morning fishing charters can be a bit chilly before the sun warms up the day.
If you’re out all day in the sun, a thin long sleeve shirt will help protect your skin from sunburn.
If you’re going for a swim, sometimes when you get out of the water the breeze can be cool, so it helps to throw on an extra layer.
Some prefer an extra layer for their sunset charter when the main heat of the sun is gone.
When in doubt — Check out the weather on google.


You may want to get that vacation tan, and the sun won’t feel as hot out on a boat as it does at the beach or pool.
This is the refreshing sea breeze playing tricks on you. It may not feel as hot at sea, but that sun is cooking.
We’d recommend applying it before your charter, and as needed throughout. For extra protection, bring a long sleeve layer — especially handy for those 8 hour fishing days where you’re outside all day.
At Fintastic Yachts all of our boats have shade!
If you bring spray-on sunscreen, it’s best to apply it at the dock just before boarding the boat. Once we’re cruising in that ocean air, you can bet that spray will be misting everywhere except for where you mean to apply it… and can make the deck slippery which can be dangerous to you and the crew.


You’ll have shade in various places aboard, but a hat will definitely help keep the sun out of your eyes and a bit of shade over your head.


We’re blessed with sunshine almost every day of the year. Even on the rare overcast days it’s a bright sky. Bring some shades, polarized lenses are best if you have them.

Camera/Smart Phone

You’ll want some photos to show off back home!

It’s ultimately up to the fish and Mother Nature for what types will be biting on any given day, but the calendar is a good outline and guide for what you can expect.

Are our charters kids Friendly? ABSOLUTELY!

Our crew is more than happy to help and teach kids about fishing, reeling them in and giving them fun facts about the fish species!


Every moment of adventure and pleasure deserves to be captured to make it unforgettable, we show you some of the experiences that have been lived on board with us!


We are located at the marina the heart of Puerto Vallarta.


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